January 26th Tips & Techniques: Picking a New Photo Monitor with Tom Goldberg

by Tom Goldberg

Tom had to buy a new monitor to go with his computer as the old one died. All the things that needed to be considered and the incredible range of products available made this a bit of a daunting challenge. The fact that the monitor was specifically being selected to best be able to edit photos weighed heavily on the direction to go.

This talk will consist of sharing the thought process and considering all the parameters when making a choice like this and invite discussion from other experts in the club. Topics will include:
• Size
• Build
• Resolution
• Connectivity
• Response Time / Refresh Rate
• Color Space

Author’s Note: On March 8th 2022 (a little more than a month after this presentation), Apple introduced the The Apple Studio Display, a 27-inch monitor with 5K resolution and P3 color. It also includes a 12MP camera with Center Stage support, six-speaker audio, three-microphone array, and several USB-C ports starting at $1,599. This should now be added as a consideration for monitor shoppers.

Join Evergreen Camera Club for Tom’s monitor journey on Wednesday, January 26th via Zoom for 6:30 pm social time and announcements at 7:00 pm in the Zoom meeting room.

Evergreen Camera Club via Zoom:
Wednesday, January 26th
6:30 pm social time and announcements
7:00 pm start of presentation

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