January 2023 T&T: Instagram Explained with Josh Goldstein

by Tom Goldberg

Have you been wondering what INSTAGRAM is? According to the dictionary it is a “Photo sharing and social media software application launched in 2010”. But in 2023 it has become one of the preeminent social media Apps. If you’d like to learn more with a Gen Y perspective, this T&T is for you.

On Wednesday, January 25th the Evergreen Camera Club will present a “Tips and Techniques” presentation by Millenial/Gen Y Josh Goldstein on what Instagram is, the club’s Instagram, and how you can set up your own instagram account to share your photos with friends and family. This will be a ZOOM presentation so you can participate in the comfort of your own home!

This is a virtual Zoom meeting, so log in with Evergreen Camera Club on Wednesday, January 25th for social time at 6:30 pm and announcements at 7:00 pm. New members, students and guests are welcome.

Evergreen Camera Club via Zoom:
Wednesday, January 25th
6:30 pm social time and announcements
7:00 pm start of presentation

Zoom Link: