Contest Guidelines:

Each month, following the main presentation, ECC holds a critique and contest.

The theme for the each month’s contest is chosen once the speaker is announced and published in each month’s  Contest post.

In addition to the main theme, contestants may submit images in our rotating category which changes each month, also noted the the monthly contest post.
The Rotating Competition Category Definitions are as follows:

  • OPEN
    • “Open” photos shall include photos not covered by any other category set forth below.
    • “Wildlife” photos are those where wild animals and /or birds are the main subject and dominate the frame. This category includes wildlife whose normal, everyday movements are not controlled by man and who are free to roam. No domesticated, captive or controlled animals are included in this category. This category does include wildlife found on government nature preserves such as Rocky Mountain Arsenal.
    • “Captive Wildlife” photos are those where wildlife are the main subject of the photo and where the wildlife lives under controlled conditions, including, but not limited to; zoos, game farms, rehab centers and domesticated wild animals in a natural setting.
    • “Creative” photos are those that are recognizably altered. The image must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape or any combination of the three. High Dynamic Range (HDR) images without further changes are not considered creative. All parts of the image must be made by the entrant and cannot include, in whole or in part, elements made by others, including “clip art”.The images core content must be identifiable, the image must not have been constructed entirely within the computer and computer graphics may be incorporated if the original photographic content predominates.
    • “Landscape” photos are those that consist of the natural earth landscape. Other features may be present in the photo but may not be the main subject of the photo. City scenes , for instance, would be placed in the “Open” category. Scenes that have people, structures or wildlife, where those objects are not the dominant feature, are permitted.

We also follow the contest with any “fun” images, this category is for any photo you would like to submit. It will not be judged, just shown to the audience for fun!! The entries could be funny moments, oops moments, cute, bad backgrounds, ah shots, etc. (Or let’s see some of your worst selfies!!)

  • Up to three images per member per month may be submitted (not including “fun” images)
  • Images must be received by 6 p.m. the Monday before the main meeting
  • Please submit images in JPG file format only.
  • Images will be displayed on an HD projector at 1920×1200, images at other sizes will be scaled as needed
    • Landscape oriented images ideally should be 1920 pixels wide
    • Portrait oriented images ideally should be 1200 pixels tall
  • Images should be no more than 3 years old, and may not be submitted for multiple monthly competitions (may be submitted at a monthly contest and year-end contest)

Submissions are accepted from paid members only. The critique is typically done by our monthly speaker, and contestant names are anonymous, with only the winners’ names announced. Seeing a variety of images and hearing an expert review of the submissions, is a great way to learn how to improve your photography.

Contest entries receive points toward a prize at the end of the year, and winners earn even more points!

Starting January 2019, Images must be uploaded through the Contest Upload menu item.

If your images are emailed, please make each image file name contain the submitter’s name (e.g., jsmith_reallyniceimage01.jpg) – If your images are uploaded your user name will be added automatically.

By submitting an image, you give Evergreen Camera Club permission to post the image on our website and to use the image in promoting the club – you of course retain ownership of the image.