May Contest – Digital and Print

by ecc

May Theme – Zoo Animals

May Theme – Zoo Animals
Don’t forget to submit your photos for the ECC monthly competition by Monday, MAY 12, 2014 at 8 a.m. Good luck and remember you have to enter the contest to be eligible for the Kelby Training prize. Submit up to three entries (5 MB or less, please submit images with at least 3000 pixels on the long dimension) to for the beginners category, for the intermediate category, for the advanced category. Entries for the open category should be emailed to

There are no theme categories for the print contest – it is all open category (either color or monochrome)
1) The total number of submissions for a given competition, print plus digital, is limited to three per member.
2) The prints will be displayed, one at a time.
3) The judge will critique each print.
4) If the Board decides to award prizes for prints, the judge will select the winning prints.
5) The only categories will be “Open Color” and “Open Monochrome.” A monochrome print is defined as having no more than one color, but it may be any single color and its shades. Two examples of monochrome prints are grayscale (commonly called black and white) and toned grayscale prints.
6) The actual printing can be done by the member, another person, or by a commercial firm.
7) All post processing, including sharpening, must be performed by the member. Another person or a commercial printing firm may make absolutely no changes to the file created by the member.
8) Members submitting prints will turn them in at the monthly meeting by 6:45 PM.
Print Requirements
1) To facilitate handling, prints must be mounted on mat board or foam with a minimum mount size of 11” x 14’’ and maximum not to exceed 16″x 20″. The mounting must be such that it will not harm other prints when stacked with them.
2) Prints must not be framed.
3) Prints may be matted.
4) The image size is not restricted, however an 8” x 10” image or greater is recommended.
5) No names or titles are to appear on the front of a print.
6) All entries must be identified by the photographer’s name, image title, and who printed the image on the upper left corner of the back side of the mount. Who printed the image will not be a factor in judging the print.