2022 Mount Evans Calendar Winners Announced

by Tom Goldberg
2022 Mount Evans Calendar Winners Announced

Since its creation in 1984, the “Seasons of Our Mountains” community calendar has symbolized the beauty of life enjoyed by the residents of our mountain communities. All proceeds from calendar sales benefit Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice.

Of the 181 photos submitted to the 2022 Seasons of Our Mountains Calendar Photo Contest (thank you to all who submitted!), the top 25 photos were selected as finalists by anonymous club vote. Of the 25 finalists, the top 13 (12 months plus cover) were selected by over 1000 public voters. The top three of those were selected by our Finalist Judge, Cheryl Opperman.
Winners Were:
January Allan M. Casey III – Second Place
February Dick Oltman*
March DJ Hannigan*
April Tracy Doty
May Rhonda Bueche
June Betty Holling*
July Ellen Nelson* – Best of Show
August Leslee Hempel*
September Beth Riser
October Michael Hopp – Third Place
November Kathy Snead*
December Holly Simon
Cover Dave Masters

Honorable mention images included Lisa Lakel, Eve Klein, Terry Shapiro (2), Len Brewer, Holly Simon, Martha Montiel, Ron Belak*, Ellen Nelson*, Bobbyjo Birdsong, Katie Williams and Tom Goldberg*. Evergreen Camera Club members were well represented and are identified with asterisks.

This calendar was a team effort with Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice and the Evergreen Camera Club. Committee members were:
Ellen Nelson
Tom Goldberg
Leslee Hampel
Tina Disorbio
Betty Holling
Ann Zimmerman
Cindy Brown
Kathy Snead
Csilla Florida
Bill Vogel
Many thanks to the calendar committee, Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice and to all of the photographers who put their heart and soul into their submissions. Keep shooting!

Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice provides home health, palliative, and hospice care to mountain residents and their families in Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson, and Park counties. We also provide emotional and spiritual support for those who are grieving, caregiving, or adjusting to an illness, as well as Camp Comfort for children who have lost a loved one. They extend a special thank you to the Evergreen Camera Club for once again teaming with them to bring you such a beautiful calendar. We are so grateful for their support and talent.

Finalist Judge for Best of Show & Places
Cheryl Opperman is a nationally acclaimed nature photographer with a B.A. from Brooks Institute of Photography and nearly 30 years of professional experience photographing nature, wildlife, and indigenous cultures worldwide. She has received numerous awards from organizations including The Earth Day Network, Nature’s Best Photography, the International Photography Awards, and the National Wildlife Federation. Employing the power of photography to inspire interest in the environment, she has appeared in on-camera interviews for 9News Denver, The Luminous Landscape, and Smithsonian Earth and regularly presents slide shows or work- shops to schools, camera clubs, and organizations. Please visit http://www.cherylopperman.com.