January 12th General Meeting: New Masking in Lightroom with Kathy Snead

by Tom Goldberg

Kathy will talk about the new masking panel in Lightroom, including the ability to make presets. As she has been very involved in working with this new masking panel lately, she has some insights to share. Kathy says it is one of those things that can be confusing at first as there are some not so obvious features. She says this new capability is a game changer!

The talk will consist of sharing her screen and working through actual photos with the masking panel. We anticipate numerous questions which we will collect in the Zoom chat and take on during the course of the presentation.

Join Evergreen Camera Club for Kathy’s insights on Wednesday, January 12th via Zoom for 6:30 pm social time and announcements at 7:00 pm in the Zoom meeting room.

Evergreen Camera Club via Zoom:
Wednesday, January 12th
6:30 pm social time and announcements
7:00 pm start of presentation

Zoom Link: