Milky Way Photo Workshop

by Ellen Nelson
Milky Way Photo Workshop

From Bob Coursen and the Metro Denver Photography Group:
I have gotten several requests to host this type of workshop and what better time than early season as you will then have opportunities all the way through September. The only negative it makes for a late night.

This is currently a placeholder since I need at least 6 participants (max 8) to host this event.If you are truly interested RSVP. Additional details and payments will information will be forthcoming.

Cost: $150.00
Time: 11:00pm-2:30 am
Location: Ramah Colorado
Number of Students will be limited to 8
Payment can be made via:
Venmo @ Venmo
Zelle @ 3017170461

What it will cover:
Capturing the Milky Way
– Review necessary camera equipment
– Review of proper lenses for night photography
– Review of camera settings
– How to properly focus

Post Processing Techniques (held live at a local library)
– MUST have basic understanding with Lightroom and Photoshop
– How to create a stack group of images for noise reduction
– How to post process your images
– How to blend foreground and Milky Way images
– Pre-planning tools

Basically after this workshop you will have all the basic understanding and tools to create your own night sky captures. If you questions you are welcome to email me at

Hope you join this workshop and expand your shooting to the night skies.