Are You Over 65?

by Dick Oltman
Are You Over 65?

If you are on Medicare, you can get free money for our club! Our long-standing partnership with Element3 Health is on a transformative journey and is now rebranded as Grouper. The following announcement comes from them to bring you up to speed:

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Evergreen Camera Club & Grouper

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Grouper, a move that will significantly enhance the experiences of our valued members at Evergreen Camera Club. This collaboration brings an extraordinary opportunity for eligible members to enjoy their passion without the burden of membership fees.

Grouper, known for their commitment to promoting socially active lifestyles, is extending their support to our community. Eligible members, with Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, can now have their Evergreen Camera Club membership dues fully covered, thanks to this partnership. This means more fun for members, more friendly matches, and more unforgettable photography moments – all at no cost to you!
Here’s how it works: Eligible members will receive a check directly from Grouper to cover their membership dues at Evergreen Camera Club. It’s a simple, hassle-free process that ensures you enjoy uninterrupted access to our activities and vibrant community events.
Are you ready to take advantage of this fantastic offer? Check your eligibility today by visiting our dedicated portal. Join us in celebrating this partnership and embrace the opportunity to engage in your passion with the peace of mind that comes from having your membership dues taken care of.

Check Your Eligibility & Join the Fun!

If you have any questions about this, please email us at

April 2023 T&T: Hummingbird Photography with Dick Oltman

by Dick Oltman

April 26 2023 T&T
Hummingbird Photography

Dick Oltman will present a 101 class on how to photograph hummingbirds at the feeder.
This class is for beginners to intermediates on how to get sharp, presentable hummingbird photographs with a dreamy backgroud. We will discuss set up, auto focus modes and methods, shutter speed, aperture and more. And most importantly, Dick will unlock the secret to getting great hummingbird photographs.

Evergreen Camera Club is meeting in person in the auditorium at the Evergreen Fire and Rescue Station (1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen) so join ECC on Wednesday, April 12th for social time at 6:30 pm and announcements at 7:00 pm. We will have NO ZOOM for this meeting, so sorry.

New members, students and guests are welcome.

Join us at the fire station:
Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00 pm (6:30 social time)
Evergreen Fire and Rescue
1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, CO

Are You Over 65?

by Dick Oltman
Are You Over 65?

If you are on Medicare, you can get free money for our club!

In case you didn’t know, ECC has a partnership with Element3 Health that is a win-win for you and our club. Element3 Health works with health plans like UnitedHealthcare to keep their members physically, socially and mentally active in activity clubs like ours. You can earn money for the club every time you participate in a photography-related activity. There is no cost at all to you – in fact, the funds you earn will offset your membership dues and contribute to club operating costs.

  • Sign up at All you will need is your health plan ID card to determine if you are eligible
  • To report your photo activities for this year (2023) CLICK HERE NOTE: this link has been updated as of April 2023 – activities reported earlier this year should be re-entered
  • You can report up to 10 activities per month – most of us participate in photography related things more often than that
  • You will be able to take up to 6 months to report activities for the first half of the year – Remember, an activity does NOT have to be a ECC sanctioned event

Here is a partial list of activities that could count:
Club Events
Club Meetings (virtual or in-person)
Taking photos
Organizing photos
Adding key words, flags or star ratings
Editing photos in Photoshop or LR
Posting photos on social media
Working on your photography website
Shopping for camera equipment
Setting up your camera
Developing film
Social outings with other club members
Reading photography related articles or watching tutorials

September 2022 T&T: Mounting Photos for Library Display

by Dick Oltman

The Evergreen Camera Club has the exhibition wall in the Evergreen Library reserved for displaying our photographs in the month of October. This is a large display space, and can easily hold 60-100 photos, depending on size and arrangement, so there is room for EVERYONE to show some of their work. The easiest way to display your photos is to mount then on foam board and use Velcro to stick them to the wall.

At this Tips and Techniques meeting we will be mounting prints on foam boards. ECC will provide the material and expertise so you can mount your photos for the exhibit. So, gather up your photos. Size can vary. Many photos need to be 8×10 or larger to show well. They can be much larger if you prefer. Depending on the subject and how much they grab attention via color or contrast, some could be smaller.
This will be an excellent opportunity for members to bring their prints and get help mounting the prints to a backing suitable for display at the library.

For the library display, photos can be in frames, or mounted on foam board, or whatever. They need not all be mounted the same. The main wall is fabric-covered wood, and nails can be driven into it to hang framed photos with hanging wire.
You may also bring photos which are already prepared for the exhibit and we will collect them.
If you have photos that need mounting for the exhibit, come to our mounting workshop planned for 6:30 pm on Wednesday September 28. Please RSVP. Email to let us know if you’re bringing photos to mount or to drop off for the library exhibit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Evergreen Fire and Rescue
1802 Bergen Parkway,
Evergreen, CO

Evergreen Camera Club