September 28th 2022 T&T: Mounting Photos for Library Display

by Tom Goldberg
September 28th 2022 T&T: Mounting Photos for Library Display

The Evergreen Camera Club has the exhibition wall in the Evergreen Library reserved for displaying our photographs in the month of October. This is a large display space, and can easily hold 60-100 photos, depending on size and arrangement, so there is room for EVERYONE to show some of their work. The easiest way to display your photos is to mount then on foam board and use Velcro to stick them to the wall.

At this Tips and Techniques meeting we will be mounting prints on foam boards. ECC will provide the material and expertise so you can mount your photos for the exhibit. So, gather up your photos. Size can vary. Many photos need to be 8×10 or larger to show well. They can be much larger if you prefer. Depending on the subject and how much they grab attention via color or contrast, some could be smaller.
This will be an excellent opportunity for members to bring their prints and get help mounting the prints to a backing suitable for display at the library.

For the library display, photos can be in frames, or mounted on foam board, or whatever. They need not all be mounted the same. The main wall is fabric-covered wood, and nails can be driven into it to hang framed photos with hanging wire.

You may also bring photos which are already prepared for the exhibit and we will collect them.

If you have photos that need mounting for the exhibit, come to our mounting workshop planned for 6:30 pm on Wednesday September 28. Please RSVP. Email to let us know if you’re bringing photos to mount or to drop off for the library exhibit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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September 28


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