Sad News from ECC

by ecc

Dave Edwards, a very active and longtime member of the camera club, passed away yesterday. If you’d like to send a card to his family, wife Carol and son Rich, Carol and his son Rich, their address is 23201 Loggers Trail, Evergreen, 80439.

Member Gallery Exhibit

by Lorrie McAllister


The following is from new member Lynda Tygart

Opening: Friday January 18, 2019 6-9PM

SYNC Gallery
931 Santa Fe Dr. #100
Denver, CO

When I moved to Denver a few years ago, I was inspired to photograph my new neighborhood in Berkeley. Tennyson Street was so charming with its little cottage homes, galleries and barbershop. Just a few years later, I would be looking at those photos with fond memories. Almost overnight, those cottages were replaced with new slot homes and apartments. Suddenly, my photographs from 2012 are now Nostalgic!

After witnessing what happened on Tennyson Street, I decided to start photographing other sites in Denver as the city continues to change in many ways. Each original is printed and hand colored, creating an aged appearance. The viewers will feel they are looking at old postcards from days gone by, even though many of these pictures were taken just a few months ago.

Lunar Eclipse Photo Op

by Tom Goldberg

Evergreen Camera Club members will be treated to a full lunar eclipse this January 20th. It’s the first full moon of 2019, and the first lunar eclipse of 2019 (and this is an eclipse-heavy year, with five eclipses, including two lunar eclipses in 2019). Plus, it’s the year’s first supermoon, meaning the moon is nearly at its closest to Earth for this month, as the eclipse takes place. Sadly, this will be the last total lunar eclipse to grace Earth’s sky until May 26, 2021.

The heads-up and details provided by new member Owen Newman:
Moonrise 4:45 pm 1/20 Azimuth (compass bearing) 63.2 degrees
Sunset 5:05 pm
Eclipse peaks at 10:13 pm

For more information see this article.

2019 Fifty Two Week Photo Challenge

by Ellen Nelson

Join the 52-Week Challenge

Kory Bumgardner recently posted a link that should be considered by all photographers. Join her in the quest to complete the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge. Each week presents a new photography assignment to inspire and motivate you. I know I’m in! Click HERE to learn more.

January 2019 Camera Buy Day

by Ellen Nelson

DSLR Cameras
Mirrorless Cameras
Film SLR Cameras
Professional Tripods
Medium Format Cameras
Professional Video Equipment
And More!

Polaroid cameras
Digital point & shoot cameras with less than 8mp.
Low-end point & shoot film cameras
Non-professional tripods
Non-Professional Video cameras
Power Pack style lighting equipment. They do purchase most monolights
Broken or cameras in need of repair. They will be happy to recycle any non-functioning cameras or equipment that does not have a purchase value.



October 2018 News

by Ellen Nelson

Congratulations to Evergreen Camera Club members who were finalists and winners in the 2019 Mt. Evans Hospice “Seasons of Our Mountains” calendar contest. An unprecedented six Evergreen Camera Club members had their photo selected for a month in the calendar! Honored photographers were: Dick Oltman in April with “Elk Mom and Child,” Tracy Boyd for July with “Independence,” Dave Edwards’ “Rock Blooms” will be featured in August, Leslee Hampel has her photo, “Drill Sergeant” in October, Ann Zimmerman’s “Can I Go Skiing?” is the photo for November and Ellen Nelson was awarded December with “Bison Blizzard” and her “New Kids on the Rock” is the cover photo. Anne Kechter and Tom Goldberg also received honorable mentions for their entries. Please let us know if you were also an honorable mention winner. Because the competition is anonymous, it is difficult to verify those winners.

2019 “Seasons of Our Mountains” calendars go on sale at the end of the month at your favorite Evergreen retail location or online at

Ellen Nelson, Tracy Boyd and Leslie Hempel receiving recognition for their photos at the release event

August 2018 News

by Tom Goldberg

We are pleased to announce that 7 of our members have had their photographs selected as finalists in the Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice 2019 Seasons of Our Mountains Calendar Contest: Leslee Hampel, Tom Goldberg, Ellen Nelson (2), Dick Oltman, Dave Edwards, Anne Kechter, and Ann Zimmerman. Please go to the Mount Evans Hospice Facebook Page at this link and vote for 4 of your favorite photos, 1 for each season.

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