Why Black and White? by Cole Thompson

by Ellen Nelson
Why Black and White? by Cole Thompson

Bob Courson of the Denver Metro Photo Group reached out to our club to invite us to attend a zoom meeting with Cole Thompson on May 17th. Bob reports that he “had the pleasure to see Cole’s presentation several weeks ago and have to say it was one of the most inspirational presentations I have ever seen on the essence of photography. This is NOT just about black and white but how to create you OWN voice in photography. This is truly a can’t miss.

In about one hour Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios”

Sign up for this meeting at https://www.meetup.com/Metro-Denver-Photography-Group/events/285220937/

Science Talk with Bob Krugmire at the Butterfly Pavilion

by Tom Goldberg
Science Talk with Bob Krugmire at the Butterfly Pavilion

Insect Behavior and Wildlife Photography with Bob Krugmire

Thursday, April 28th, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Seeing the world through a lens can be extraordinary but can hold its challenges. Join us for an exciting talk centered around insect photography taught by our very own bug photographer, Bob Krugmire. With his vast experience on primarily animal photography, Bob has taken pictures ranging from hanging out of an airplane window, to working with wolves and black widows to get stock photos and carrying 50 pounds of gear up mountains to get that perfect sunrise shot. Listen as he discusses not only about insect photography, but about the act of photography itself.


Photo Exhibit in Lakewood: Thomas Goettel

by Tom Goldberg
Photo Exhibit in Lakewood: Thomas Goettel


Lakewood Cultural Center
470 South Allison Parkway, Lakewood, Colorado, 80226
303 987-7845

May 4, 2022 T0 June 9, 2022

The photography exhibit will be presented by
Thomas Goettel, a local photographer, from
Bailey, Colorado.

The photo exhibit will include both flower & landscape photography. One of the areas photographed is the
“war memorial rose garden”, which is located in Littleton, Colorado.

Most of the photographs will be framed.

All photographs will be for sale through the city of Lakewood, inside the Lakewood Cultural Center building.

The photography exhibit is located inside the Lakewood cultural center building just to the left of the entrance once inside.

The hours that the facility is open to the public are
Mon. – fri. 9 am to 5 pm and on sat. 9 am to 1 pm


CONTACT INFORMATION: thundercreek777@gmail.com

Opening for France Photo Workshop

by Guest
Opening for France Photo Workshop

ECC received this email from Bill Dickson, an ECC member 10-12 years ago.

Hello Evergreen:

I am Bill Dickson from Littleton (former Evergreen resident and Evergreen Camera Club member) and I am writing to the Evergreen Camera Club to see if someone in your Club would be interested in purchasing our deposit of $1394 for $300 (1,050 British pounds) for any Photo Workshop trip offered at www.create-away.com.

My friend and I have paid a deposit for two people for a photo workshop to southern France in 2022. It is a trip to photograph the horses of Camargue, medieval villages and the lavender fields. Unfortunately, we cannot take the trip for a variety of reasons but we are allowed to transfer our deposit to someone else to be used in 2022. That is why I am writing to the Evergreen Camera Club to see if someone would be interested in purchasing our deposit for $300 (value is $1394). You could choose from any trip they offer and they are photo workshops. You would not have to book the trip that we booked. I refer you to their website at www.create-away.com. If you are interested, I can share correspondence where Roz at Create Away acknowledges that we can transfer our deposit to someone else. Nothing will transfer, however without my approval.

This is a great opportunity to get photos that no one else in the Club would have, plus it is a great break on the deposit. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,
Bill Dickson

Live In-Person Meetings Return!

by Tom Goldberg
Live In-Person Meetings Return!

The Evergreen Fire House on Bergen Parkway has once again opened their building up for public events. As Evergreen Camera Club has been a regular long time facility user, they’ve given us priority to get back on the calendar. We are excited to hold our first in-person meeting there this March 23rd for a hands-on Tips & Techniques meeting. See the Meeting posts for details.

Introduction to Lightroom’s Library Module: Thursday, February 17, 2022

by Guest
Introduction to Lightroom’s Library Module: Thursday, February 17, 2022

This three hour, online workshop hosted by Metro Denver Photography Group offers an introduction to Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a subscription model based cataloging and editing software and the world’s most used photographic post-production software. Students will receive a digital pdf of all presentations and have an opportunity to ask questions.

NOTE: Training is in 2 sections; $17.00 for both sessions
Training will also be recorded and will provided to only those registered.
PLEASE ENSURE TO REGISTER VIA THE ON-LINE LINK at https://www.meetup.com/Metro-Denver-Photography-Group/events/283382188/

Topics covered include:
Which Lightroom is best for you? The cloud version or the desktop version?
Which Lightroom subscription plans, which one is right for you?
Working with Creative Cloud Adobe’s delivery platform
Introduction to Lightroom’s User Interface, and viewing your photographs
Options for Setting up your first Lightroom Catalog
Catalog Structure for quickly finding your photos
Culling your work – Best practices for selecting and identifying your best work
Importing and Exporting photos to and from Lightroom
Understanding how Lightroom uses Image Previews and its non-destructive data base
Why Monitor Calibration matters and how to calibrate your monitor
Why Raw photographic files are better for image editing than Jpeg files
Lightroom’s Preference Settings

About the Instructor
Frank Varney has been an active corporate location and fine art photographer, and a collegiate level photography instructor for over 30 years. Frank is currently an Assistant Professor at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and was assistant instructor for the National Geographic Expeditions Wyoming’s Cowboy Country Photography Workshops. Frank holds an MFA in Photography from Maine Media College and a BA in Communication Arts from University of Denver. His work has appeared in AARP The Magazine, ELLE, Glamour, First for Women, and Ladies Home Journal, and books including The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes and Photography for the 21st Century.

In-Person ECC Meetings Delayed

by Tom Goldberg
In-Person ECC Meetings Delayed

Prior to the latest Covid Omacron surge, we had planned on trying to get back to our in-person meetings at the Evergreen Firehouse. Sadly, membership chairman Dick Oltman just confirmed with Carol Hucker of the Evergreen Fire Department that the fire Station is closed for public use through January 2022 because of Covid. She said that February isn’t looking good either but no official announcement has been made beyond January.

Photograph the Frosty Moon Eclipse November 18th [corrected times]

by Tom Goldberg
Photograph the Frosty Moon Eclipse November 18th [corrected times]

Stay up late or set your alarm to see this lunar eclipse which will be visible from North America and Hawaii.

Corrected Mountain Times:

Penumbral Eclipse begins Nov 18 at 11:02:09 pm
Partial Eclipse begins Nov 19 at 12:18:42 am
Maximum Eclipse Nov 19 at 2:02:55 am
Partial Eclipse ends Nov 19 at 3:47:04 am
Penumbral Eclipse ends Nov 19 at 5:03:40 am
How to Shoot the Moon

ECC Member Ron Pearson has experience photographing the moon and shares some of his best advice for photographing this special event: “Check out the links below to Mr. Eclipse and Sky & Telescopes articles. I like the advice in the S&T article – basically, ‘bracket the hell out of it… ‘”

Why will the next lunar eclipse be called a Frosty Moon?

Lunar eclipses often have a variety of intriguing names attributed to them, with Blood Moon being the perfect ominous-sounding example. Earlier this year, the May 2021 total lunar eclipse was also known as a Super Flower Blood Moon. This is because the full moon in May is often called the Flower Moon, understood to be a reference to the time of year and the fact many flowers bloom this month. Whilst May 2021’s full moon is also a Super Moon, which is when the full or new moon coincides with when it is closest to the Earth in its orbit.

And the seasonal names continue when it comes to November 2021’s partial lunar eclipse, which will also be called a Frosty Moon. This naming convention for November’s full moon is understood to also be connected to the time of year it occurs and it’s also often known as a beaver moon, mourning moon and even an oak moon.

2022 Mount Evans Calendar Winners Announced

by Tom Goldberg
2022 Mount Evans Calendar Winners Announced

Since its creation in 1984, the “Seasons of Our Mountains” community calendar has symbolized the beauty of life enjoyed by the residents of our mountain communities. All proceeds from calendar sales benefit Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice.

Of the 181 photos submitted to the 2022 Seasons of Our Mountains Calendar Photo Contest (thank you to all who submitted!), the top 25 photos were selected as finalists by anonymous club vote. Of the 25 finalists, the top 13 (12 months plus cover) were selected by over 1000 public voters. The top three of those were selected by our Finalist Judge, Cheryl Opperman.
Winners Were:
January Allan M. Casey III – Second Place
February Dick Oltman*
March DJ Hannigan*
April Tracy Doty
May Rhonda Bueche
June Betty Holling*
July Ellen Nelson* – Best of Show
August Leslee Hempel*
September Beth Riser
October Michael Hopp – Third Place
November Kathy Snead*
December Holly Simon
Cover Dave Masters

Honorable mention images included Lisa Lakel, Eve Klein, Terry Shapiro (2), Len Brewer, Holly Simon, Martha Montiel, Ron Belak*, Ellen Nelson*, Bobbyjo Birdsong, Katie Williams and Tom Goldberg*. Evergreen Camera Club members were well represented and are identified with asterisks.

This calendar was a team effort with Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice and the Evergreen Camera Club. Committee members were:
Ellen Nelson
Tom Goldberg
Leslee Hampel
Tina Disorbio
Betty Holling
Ann Zimmerman
Cindy Brown
Kathy Snead
Csilla Florida
Bill Vogel
Many thanks to the calendar committee, Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice and to all of the photographers who put their heart and soul into their submissions. Keep shooting!

Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice provides home health, palliative, and hospice care to mountain residents and their families in Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson, and Park counties. We also provide emotional and spiritual support for those who are grieving, caregiving, or adjusting to an illness, as well as Camp Comfort for children who have lost a loved one. They extend a special thank you to the Evergreen Camera Club for once again teaming with them to bring you such a beautiful calendar. We are so grateful for their support and talent.

Finalist Judge for Best of Show & Places
Cheryl Opperman is a nationally acclaimed nature photographer with a B.A. from Brooks Institute of Photography and nearly 30 years of professional experience photographing nature, wildlife, and indigenous cultures worldwide. She has received numerous awards from organizations including The Earth Day Network, Nature’s Best Photography, the International Photography Awards, and the National Wildlife Federation. Employing the power of photography to inspire interest in the environment, she has appeared in on-camera interviews for 9News Denver, The Luminous Landscape, and Smithsonian Earth and regularly presents slide shows or work- shops to schools, camera clubs, and organizations. Please visit http://www.cherylopperman.com.