June 29th Special Meeting: Seasons of Our Mountains 2023 Calendar Voting

ECC calls on Members and past Winners to Step Up and Vote


Have a say to narrow the 150+ photo entries down to the 25 finalists for the iconic Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice 2023 calendar! In previous years you had to be an Evergreen Camera Club member to participate in the anonymous vote to select the 25 finalists, but this year, we’re inviting all 2020, 2021, and 2022 calendar finalists to join us for the voting*! Now is an ideal time to join our club if you are not already a member – see all the images submitted by our community and make your opinion count. Scroll down for important details.  * Mount Evans HHC&H Employees are also invited to vote

We have set the voting date to June 29th and it will be virtual – Images will be displayed on Zoom and voting will be done using Google Forms as described below.

The Calendar Voting and Judging Process

Calendar voting to initially select 25 finalists from all entries will be done by the membership of the ECC club and past winners, out of whomever logs on for the Zoom call for our June 29th meeting. Image entry was open to all, this voting will be by paid members and past winners only.

As the calendar competition is open to everyone, and many ECC members and past winners have and are expected to enter, certainly those individuals will be voting on their own images along with everyone else. The artist names will not be disclosed so at most, voters will recognize only 3 of the images out of however many we get (we expect 100-200). Thus we feel there will be minimal bias in this process.

Each image will get a score from 1 to 5 averaged from all votes cast in the zoom meeting to determine the 25 finalists. The finalists will then be voted on by the general public using the voting website tool used for last year’s competition (that link will be posted when the finalists have been uploaded).

Our intent is that this will yield an impartially judged set of 12 images plus a cover image to comprise our final calendar, however, if we end up with some kind of imbalance, there is an editorial committee comprised of Mount Evans and ECC volunteers who may make minor adjustments to ensure a good end product (i.e. if say 4 images of elk were to get the best scores, we may only include one or two). The remaining 12 images will be recognized as runners-up in the calendar.

Each year we enlist the aid of a guest photographer as a Judge to pick the Best of Show, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. This year our Judge will be Boyd Norton, an American photographer, known for his work in wilderness photography and his environmental activism. He is the photographer/author of 17 books covering topics such as from African elephants, mountain gorillas, Siberia’s Lake Baikal and issues of Alaskan and Rocky Mountain conservation.

If you have any questions about this process, please send and email to webmaster@evergreencameraclub.com.

Voting Instructions: Important!!!

Display of submitted images and voting will begin at 7:00PM on Wednesday June 29th. Setup and testing will be from 6:30 to 7, be sure to get on in time to work out any kinks you may have with the links or the process.

We will have 4 different groups of images, divided by season. We will run through each group quickly so you can preview them and then go back through them by name for the voting step.

The images will be displayed via Zoom – you should dial in with the Zoom link using whatever device you have with the best display so you can see the entries clearly.

Voting will be done using Google Forms – a “forms.gle” link and QR code will be provided to get your browser to the voting sheet. You can use a separate device, like your phone, to go to this link so you can have a separate screen to make your selections. If you are using your phone, simply take a picture of the QR code and your phone will offer to take you to our voting sheet. Alternately you can use a browser and Zoom on the same device if you can manage the 2 windows.

It is not required but recommended that you place a vote for every image.

Links to the Zoom and Voting form will be emailed to ECC Members and past Winners prior to the meeting.

Contest entry deadline is June 15th, so you may still have time to enter your best local photos!

Holistic Photography Workshop

by ecc
Holistic Photography Workshop
Seeing, Sensing, Creating Mindful Images

Sunday, August 21 TO Saturday, August 27 2022
At Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu New Mexico

In the desert landscape, nature rewards us with a sensuous palette of colors. Ghost Ranch is about slowing down and connecting with the sacredness of the land. Come and explore the red rocks, deep blue skies and mystical petrified trees with your camera. While most photography classes focus on technical competency, this class takes a mindfulness approach, emphasizing intuition and imagination. When we release expectations of how things ought to look, we free ourselves to create artistic images that come from our soul.

Imagine an entire week with just you and your camera, surrounded in the beauty of Georgia O’Keeffe’s backyard. Tap into your intuition, your creative spirit and your five senses. Join kindred spirits at this unique workshop. It will change the way you take photos and it just may change the way you see the world.
A series of exercises will be offered each morning to engage the senses and improve your powers of observation and composition. Guided hikes and field work will be available or participants may choose to work on their own. We will photograph sunrises, sunsets and visit sacred landscapes around Ghost Ranch and the surrounding area. Digital images will be loaded onto a computer for sharing and group reflection. All levels welcome.

I would love to have group members join me. Feel free to contact me for more information

Randee Lipson Lawrence Ed.D., ECC member and Professor Emeritus National Louis University, will be teaching a week long photography workshop at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu New Mexico in October that some members may be interested in.

click here to download pdf.

Email Randee for questions: rlawrence@nl.edu

Here is a link to registration https://www.ghostranch.org/events/holistic-photography-seeing-sensing-creating-with-randee-lawrence-and-cecelia-broder-g220841/

Seasons of Our Mountains Calendar Tips & FAQs


  • Keep the calendar’s theme in mind:
        your images should show off our mountains, our wildlife and the way seasons are reflected in them
  • Edit your photos judiciously:
        Images must look natural to qualify – pasted image parts, oversaturated colors or obvious manipulation
        will disqualify your entry
  • Give thought to a good title:
        any words that express the feeling, the idea, the humor, or anything else about your photo will help it stand out
  • Summer and Spring get the most competition:
        you will have a better chance of winning with a great Fall or Winter entry
  • Make your images Colorful:
        By and large, colorful images get more votes and look better on a calendar page
        dull or muted photographs may be excellent images but don’t tend to do well in this application
  • Don’t submit multiple photos of the same scene:
        have the confidence to pick the best one and use the other entries for different photos
  • This is primarily a nature calendar, but that said, sometimes man-made objects enhance the photo
  • Avoid submitting  pictures of Evergreen Lake House unless it is a unique photo, this is the most common subject we see submitted


    • We require at least 2400px wide for acceptable entries but 3000px is better and sufficient
    • This is a HORIZONTAL calendar, please don’t submit vertical images. Confirm your aspect ratio: the 12″ x 9″ finished printing size of the calendar means all images will be cropped to a 4 x 3 aspect – if it is not cropped correctly, we will crop to fit
    • Don’t add your watermark or signature to your image: all voting is anonymous so we’ll block out any watermark or disqualify your image if we can’t remove it
    • If you have questions or issues please send an email to webmaster@evergreencameraclub.com

Click Here to Enter this Contest

April 2nd Field Trip: The Butterfly Pavilion


Join Evergreen Camera Club and savor a quiet hour of tripod photography in the tropical rainforest before they open their doors to the public. Take photos of awakening butterflies and exotic tropical flowers in the morning light. We will meet outside the front doors of the Butterfly Pavilion (6252 W 104th Ave, Westminster) at 7:30 am on Saturday, April 2nd and begin shooting at 7:45 am.

Watch for T&T details on March 23rd to get you prepped for photographing tropical plants and butterflies!

This event is limited to the first 20 participants so register soon! You Must Prepay (Members $12/Non-Members $15)
Pre-registration is required by RSVPing on Meetup: Evergreen Camera Club Photography AND paid for on the ECC website with the button below:

Member Status

Your RSVP will not be counted until you pay.

February 23rd 2022 Special Meeting: Calling All ECC Members

Evergreen Camera Club Organization Meeting

Your club has been moving forward over the past 2 years primarily under the efforts of Topics Chair Ellen Nelson, Web Manager Tom Goldberg, Treasurer Bill Vogle and Membership Chair Dick Oltman. As Covid wanes and the opportunity to get back to full club activities begins to look possible, we are in need of some additional members to step forward to help make this possible.

Would you like to see us do contests again? Would you want to hold field trips as we did in the past? Are you willing to put some of your time into the club going forward? Do you have ideas about what we should be doing and how we can get there? Could you put a bit of the energy you have for photography into our organization to help with our goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join us in an ECC Leadership Zoom Meeting on Wednesday February 23rd and be ready to sign up to help us make all this happen.

Evergreen Camera Club via Zoom:
Wednesday, January 26th
6:30 pm Introductions leading directly into discussions

Raptor Photography Workshop

by ecc
Raptor Photography Workshop

Monday, October 4 to Friday, October 8

For the third year, Denver Audubon, photographer Cheryl Opperman, and HawkQuest are teaming up to provide this one-of-a-kind Raptor Photography Workshop. The workshop is limited to 6 participants and includes photography of live birds and unparalleled instruction. Much of the proceeds go to Denver Audubon and HawkQuest, environmental nonprofits dedicated to protecting birds. Why not improve your photography skills while helping birds?

Cheryl Opperman is an award-winning nature photographer.
She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute of Photography and over 25 years of professional experience photographing nature, wildlife, and indigenous cultures worldwide. To learn more and register, click here.

CPAC “Reimagining Hope” Contest

CPAC “Reimagining Hope” Contest

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is holding a juried contest. The theme is “Reimagining Hope”. Winning photos will be displayed at night via projection on the D&F Tower during “Night Lights Denver” in March.  The deadline for entry is January 23 and the fee is only $5.  What is your vision of  “Reimagining Hope”?  Click on this link  for more details.


December 2nd Evergreen Library Exhibit setup

by ecc
December 2nd Evergreen Library Exhibit setup

Evergreen Library
December 2, 2019
9:00 AM

Join us in our annual effort to decorate the display wall of the Evergreen Library with the beautiful work of our member photographers.  All members are encouraged to display their work.  If you have works that aren’t mounted, we provide a free session with mounting materials and tools.  As we didn’t get that many participants at our first mounting session, a second one has been scheduled – check the other events on this site for info.

The ECC Evergreen Library Exhibit set up will be at 9:00 am on December 2. Please bring photos that you wish to exhibit to that library at 9:00 am.

Wildlife Workshop with Dawn Wilson – Hands On Shooting

by Ellen Nelson

Workshop report by Tom Goldberg:
Dawn did a nice presentation, discussed some wildlife photography strategies and gave us some specific insights into bighorn behaviors. We then left the firehouse around 10:30 for Waterton Canyon and walked about 2.5 miles up the road that parallels the South Platte. Dawn spotted the bighorn about halfway in, but they were way up on the hillside (just a couple of rams) and never came down. We kept going and had lunch at a picnic spot while Dawn did some scouting. She came back and reported that she’d spotted a beaver so we all grabbed our gear and stood at the side of the river shooting him working on his lodge and munching willows.

Original Post:
Meet at 9:00 am at the Evergreen Fire & Rescue Building for Dawn’s introduction, instruction and prep. Then the group will travel to the scenic Waterton Canyon in Littleton for an amazing hands-on opportunity to shoot wild bighorn sheep and other wildlife. Wear clothing appropriate for a 2-mile hike and pack a lunch, water and your camera gear.

Saturday, November 2, 9:00 am to after 4:00 pm (based on sunset).
Evergreen Fire & Rescue Building (1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen) and beyond

NOTE: Meetup RSVP does not count as a reservation. Reservations must be made and paid below

Cost $85, sign up here:

February 2nd 2019 Workshop:
JEFF JOHNSON – The Creative Edge Seminar
All Day – Hands On

by Ellen Nelson

Saturday, February 2
9:00 am to 4:00 pm with break for lunch (bring or buy)

Evergreen Fire and Rescue
1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, CO
Cost is $80 for members and $85 for non members — register for the event at the bottom of this post

Evergreen Camera Club is kicking off the new year with a sure-to-be-impressive workshop, “The Creative Edge” by Jeff Johnson. Jeff promises to infuse his over-40-years’ experience as a working professional on image enhancements with simple and awesome Lightroom and Photoshop tips, tricks and surefire, easy-to-do techniques. Including intimate color and tone adjustments, texture overlays, image blending, luminosity masks, burning and dodging, all in a non-destructive process . . . and all easy-to-repeat from image-to-image!
Bring some photos and your laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop loaded.

The Creative Edge

So, you’ve mastered your camera, the exposure triangle and your composition is solid. Now, you’ve taken the weekend off, time away from work and your family, and have driven several miles to your favorite location. You know the sunrises and sunsets will be magical over those mountains and that gorgeous waterfall, you can’t wait! You shoot and you shoot and you shoot. Then you look at your images on the camera’s monitor. Your heart sinks. You can’t believe your eyes . . . flat and lifeless. You load them to your laptop, same thing . . . boring! They’re sharp and they’re well exposed, according to the histogram. Your composition seems creative and inviting, but they just look dead! That pop and brilliance you expect is just not there. OMG . . . what have you missed?

As you drive back home your mind races between how you could have screwed up these images and maybe a career in plumbing or pest control would be more rewarding.
STOP . . . HOLD ON . . . TAKE A BREATH! You’re only halfway done. You just need some good ol’ post-processing. The digital darkroom. Don’t worry . . . I think I can help!
As silly as this story sounds I have heard it repeatedly. First off, shooting in RAW, images will appear flat, so that is a good thing!! Secondly, join me for a couple of hours of Lightroom best practices for editing and then adding the punch you crave with Photoshop enhancements.

I’ll share with you my over 40 years as a working professional on image enhancements with easy and awesome Lightroom and Photoshop tips, tricks and surefire, easy-to-do techniques. Including intimate color and tone adjustments, texture overlays, image blending, luminosity masks, burning and dodging, all in a non-destructive process . . . and all easy to repeat from image-to-image!

All you need to do is bring an empty notebook and an open mind as I will challenge your creative process and leave you with many new ideas to apply to your imagery.

Sign Up and Pay Here:

Choose Member or Non-member

If you prefer to pay by check, you may bring payment to Tips & Techniques on January 23rd, or if you prefer to pay by mail, contact ecc@evergreencameraclub for the address. Payment must be received by February 1st.

Evergreen Camera Club